Tasty treat and snack variety boxes
delivered to your door. There’s a
GoodiBox for everyone.

How it works

Choose your GoodiBox

You can buy an individual GoodiBox or subscribe for a repeat order to keep the snack cupboard full and save 5%.

Listen for the doorbell

Your GoodiBox will arrive within 5 days direct to your door.

Have a Goodi day

Tuck in and enjoy your treats and snacks. Don’t forget to let us know #myfavouriteGoodi on social.

Why GoodiBox?

  • Keep the treat and snack cupboard stocked without a trip to the shops

  • Choose a subscription and save 5% to keep your order rolling in as often as you’d like

  • With lots of different treats and snacks there’s something for everyone in GoodiBox

  • GoodiBox is great value and loaded full of bites of delight

  • 1% of all our sales goes directly to charitable donations

Choose your GoodiBox

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