Forest of Hope Fairtrade Chocolate Surprise Eggs

At GoodiBox we are very aware of the choices individuals and parents want to make when it comes to snacking, which is why we support sustainable snacking wherever possible. We are very excited to announce a new inclusion to our range of treats and snacks - Forest of Hope Fairtrade chocolate surprise eggs.

Why Forest of Hope?

We want to make shopping for snacks easy for parents, not only in terms of the convenience of having snack boxes delivered to the door at a frequency to suit, but also with regards to the choice of snacks we have available. We understand that parents want treats that tick a number of boxes, including healthy, bitesize and fun! But we also understand that increasingly, with more environmental awareness, parents and kids themselves want to make sustainable choices that enable them to do their bit to protect global biodiversity and farmers' livelihoods. 

That’s why we have chosen to include Forest of Hope chocolate surprise eggs in our range of treats. Made using Fairtrade cocoa beans from the Gola Rainforest, each purchase supports local farmers and communities as well as preserving the habitat of wildlife, including endangered species.

What’s Inside a Forest of Hope Egg?

A Forest of Hope egg is so much more than a tasty chocolate treat. Each egg features one of nine different animals, all of which are residents in the Gola Rainforest. Kids will love opening up their egg and seeing which animal they have, perhaps the Yellow Cascaded Hornbill, Pangolin or Pygmy Hippo? They can also learn more about these animals with challenge cards, fun facts and games included in each box.