We Launch Our New Vegan NOMO Caramel Box

Thanks to Veganuary, veganism has become more accessible and popular, helping to save the planet and encouraging people to eat more sustainably for the first month of the year. If you made the Veganuary pledge this year but are struggling to make it to January 31st without your favourite treats, you can turn to GoodiBox for a helping hand. We’ve got not one but two fantastic vegan snack boxes available for one off or regular delivery and featuring a tasty range of NOMO chocs.

New NOMO Caramel Box

Our new Vegan Creamy Caramel GoodiBox has just launched this month to support you on your Veganuary journey and show you that committing to a plant-based diet doesn’t have to mean missing out!

Featuring 9 single bars of NOMO caramel choc and 6 blocks of the classic NOMO creamy choc, there are plenty of treats to get you to the end of Veganuary and beyond.

The Perfect Vegan Chocolate Gifts

If you are looking for something to perk up your committed vegan friends and family during lockdown, or just want to show some encouragement to someone who is struggling to stick to their Veganuary pledge, our NOMO vegan choc boxes make the perfect gift.

Choose from our new Vegan Creamy Caramel GoodiBox or our classic Vegan GoodiBox, both featuring an array of NOMO choc bars and blocks. They’re a great motivator to anyone who is new to veganism and a healthy treat for those who are looking to eat more plant based products.

What’s Inside Our Boxes?

Our Vegan GoodiBox range features a selection of NOMO bars from the UK’s number one vegan choc brand. Using a recipe perfected over many years and free from dairy, gluten, egg and nuts, NOMO chocs taste incredible and most importantly, mean you don’t have to miss out on a chocolate treat.

Why Go Vegan?

Veganuary is the perfect opportunity to find out more about eating a plant based diet. Whether you want to eat more healthily, do your bit for the environment or just commit to not eating meat or animal products, veganism doesn’t have to be bland or boring. In fact, now is a great time to try this sustainable lifestyle, with supermarkets stocking an increasing range of vegan options and recipes easily accessible online. 

If you are struggling to get through Veganuary or need some inspiration to stick to a vegan diet here are some top tips:

  • Plan in advance - by planning your meals beforehand you can make sure you have the ingredients you need in stock to make delicious, healthy meals.
  • Check your cupboard for vegan products you already eat - you might be surprised to learn that many store cupboard staples such as marmite, peanut butter, rice, chickpeas, beans, tinned tomatoes, curry pastes, biscuits and most breads are vegan. So you are already eating things that tick the vegan box!
  • Turn your favourite dishes vegan - such as swapping soya mince for meat, vegan cheese for your regular cheddar or vegan bacon in your sunday morning sandwich.
  • Keep vegan snacks to hand - why not subscribe to the Vegan GoodiBox so you can treat yourself to delicious NOMO chocs as part of your healthy eating plan?

Subscribe to a Vegan Snack Box and Save 5%

What’s better than a vegan snack box being delivered to your door? Having your favourite vegan chocs delivered regularly of course! Choose the subscribe option when picking your GoodiBox and save 5%. You can opt to have your GoodiBox delivered at your chosen interval of weeks or months. So subscribe and relax, knowing that you’ll never run out of your favourite vegan treats again.