Order Your Vegan GoodiBox for Veganuary 2021

Veganuary launches every January so people all over the world can test out a vegan diet. Whether you choose to participate in Veganuary 2021 for health reasons or because you are simply curious, you don’t need to miss out on your favourite treats.

Throughout Veganuary you will begin to notice the complex range of delicious and easily accessible meals and snacks that are suitable for a vegan diet - our Vegan GoodiBox being one of them, which is filled with delicious vegan friendly chocs that can be delivered straight to your door!

What is Veganuary 2021 All About?

Since its launch in 2014, Veganuary aims to inspire and support people all around the world to try a vegan diet for the entire month of January. They have worked hard to make vegan food more accessible, including in our local shops.

Since 2014 there have been more than one million participants and 98% of those asked would recommend Veganuary to a friend. The reported most popular reasons for trying it out were for their health, for the animals and for the environment.

With nothing to lose, including your favourite snacks thanks to our Vegan GoodiBoxes, why not try out a month of vegan living?

What’s Included in Our Vegan GoodiBoxes?

Our original Vegan GoodiBox is filled with a tempting selection of Nomo delights. Nomo as a brand prides itself on being dairy free, egg free, gluten free and nut free. This allows more people who are vegan or have a food intolerance or allergies to still enjoy their favourite flavours. A delicious and creamy tasting vegan choc that will satisfy you throughout Veganuary and beyond.

Inside your Vegan GoodiBox you will receive the following Nomo chocs:

  • 3 single creamy choc bars
  • 3 single fruit and crunch choc bars
  • 3 single sea salt and caramel choc bars
  • 2 creamy choc bar blocks
  • 2 dark choc bar blocks
  • 2 nut free hazelnot crunch choc bar blocks

Our brand new Creamy Caramel GoodiBox contains a selection of the two best selling NOMO bars: the classic Creamy Choc and the incredible golden gooey Caramel Choc and you'll get:

  • 9 x caramel choc bars
  • 6 x creamy choc block

Our Vegan GoodiBoxes are available for a one time purchase at £20 or you can subscribe and save 5% for a monthly box at £19 each.

How Does It Work?

Treat yourself or a friend to our Vegan GoodiBox for Veganuary 2021. Choose from either an individual GoodiBox or save 5% by subscribing for a repeat order to arrive every month to keep your snack cupboard stocked! Your GoodiBox will be delivered directly to your door within 5-7 days of placing your order. Then all there is to do is enjoy your favourite vegan chocs and have a Goodi day!

Don’t forget to snap a photo and tag us on social using #myfavouriteGoodi to let us know what you think.