For An Easter Gift With a Difference Try Building Your Own GoodiBox

As Easter 2021 approaches, and with it the prospect of being able to meet up with a small number of friends or family members from the end of March, we could all be excused for getting a little over excited about this year’s Easter egg hunt.  With many organised activities off the agenda this year however, due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, it’s up to parents and grandparents to make this Easter egg-stra special for children!  So, if you are looking for an Easter gift with a difference, we’ve got the perfect solution.

We’ve taken our range of snacks, chocolate treats and vegan chocs and made them all available to build your own GoodiBox, together with a selection of Easter eggs that kids will love. Click here to customise your own Easter gift GoodiBox.

We think building your own Easter GoodiBox is the perfect way to cater for kids’ tastes and solves the dilemma of what to get as an Easter gift, but if you need convincing, here are 3 great reasons why you need to try building your own GoodiBox this Easter:

Easter Gifts Delivered to Your Door

If you don’t want to venture out to the shops and join the queues of masked people waiting to be let in, you can order all your Easter gifts to be delivered to your door.  Either order for yourself, or buy as a gift and we’ll send your GoodiBox to your chosen recipient. It’s easy and with free delivery on boxes over £19, you’ll have the Easter gifts ticked off in no time.

Completely Configurable

We understand that children can be quite particular about the foods they eat and treats are no different. What they liked last week might have fallen out of favour by now, so how do you keep up? When you build your own Easter GoodiBox you can choose from a wide range of chocolate treats, fruit snacks and Easter eggs featuring kids favourite characters. That way you can include all the things they like and none of things they don’t! Click here to see all the snacks and treats available to build your own Easter GoodiBox.

Perfect for Easter Hunts

With most Easter egg hunts taking place in the back garden this year, it’s time to get creative with what you hide and where.  Firstly you’ll need to decide whether your hunt will be outside or inside - probably best to check the weather forecast first! Then you’ll need to decide whether you are hiding clues, plastic eggs or edible treats - all of this might depend on whether you have your hunt inside or outside or need to keep chocolate treats away from pets. Once you know the location and what you’ll be hiding, decide on the ultimate stash that will be the reward at the end of the hunt - will you hide small treats along the way or keep all the goodies to the end?

Then comes the brain-wracking bit - deciding on your clues.  From poems, to riddles or perhaps individual letters that kids can collect to eventually make a word, it’s up to you to be inventive (or scour the internet for inspiration!).

Here’s how we think our Easter GoodiBox contents can help:

  • Edible clues for along the way - Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol nut-safe chocolate lollies

  • Hardy eggs for outdoor hunts - Paw Patrol or Peppa Pig Surprise Egg

  • Easter egg rewards for the end-of-hunt treasure trove - our selection of kids Easter eggs

Build your Easter Gift GoodiBox

It only takes a matter of seconds to add your chosen snacks and Easter treats to your GoodiBox, then all you need to do is find a way of hiding them until Easter Sunday. 

Click here to start building your own GoodiBox and get Easter snacks and treats sorted!