Beat the January Blues with our Snack Subscription Boxes!

After a difficult 2020, Christmas provided a much needed break with many people being able to spend a short time with the people they loved, following extensive periods of isolation. However, whilst this period brought great excitement, and a certain level of relaxation, the New Year has delivered the January blues. As the UK is now under lockdown rules, it’s no surprise that we need a little extra help to combat the gloom.

Beat the January blues and lockdown boredom by treating yourself to our snack subscription boxes!

Posh GoodiBox

If you are looking for some especially decadent treats to help perk you up throughout the winter, then our Posh GoodiBox may be perfect for you. Made up of hand-finished and hand-decorated chocolates from Irish chocolatier, Lir, and chocolate liqueur treats from Baileys, our Posh GoodiBox is absolutely full of treats to share and enjoy:

  • 1 x Lir Salted Caramel bar
  • Lir Marc de Champagne truffles
  • Lir Salted Caramel truffles
  • Lir discovery collection
  • 2 x Baileys original truffle bar
  • Baileys chocolate collection

Don’t miss our on sale price of £20 for a one-time purchase (save £10!), or subscribe to receive monthly boxes for £19 (saving 5% each month).

Kids GoodiBox

To keep the kids happy and occupied, we would highly recommend our Kids GoodiBox. This collection of low calorie, nut safe chocolate products, candy surprise eggs and fruity snacks featuring Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig are the ideal treat for your little ones.

Choose between Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig, a mix of both, or ask for a surprise and we will send snacks and treats for your kids for the whole month.

Family GoodiBox

If you are searching for treats for the whole family, our Family GoodiBox features 26 mouth-watering snacks to share.

This box of treats is designed to provide something to suit every member of your family, including little chocs, big chocs, chocolate bars, truffles and fruity snacks.

  • 19 kids mini portions
  • 4 delicious single NOMO choc bars
  • 2 big bars of chocolate
  • 1 bag of chocolate truffles

Vegan GoodiBox

If you would prefer vegan friendly, dairy, gluten, egg and nut free snacks, then our Vegan GoodiBox is full of delightful treats from NOMO, the UK’s number 1 vegan choc brand. After years spent developing and perfecting their recipes, NOMO ensure that nobody misses out on the tastiest snacks, regardless of plant-based preferences or food allergies.

Whether you are completely vegan or looking to eat more plant-based products to live a  healthier lifestyle this winter, a Vegan GoodiBox is the perfect choice, and you can choose from our classic Vegan GoodiBox or our brand new Vegan Creamy Caramel GoodiBox, packed full of NOMO choc bars and blocks.

Choose the right snack subscription box for you

Choose your GoodiBox today to beat the January blues. Make a one-time purchase of £20 for our Kids, Family and Vegan GoodiBox, as well as our Posh GoodiBox whilst our sale price lasts, or subscribe to receive a GoodiBox snack subscription box every month for £19 (saving 5%).

For more nutritional information, you can click here.